Payliner®/Plastic Pail Liner

If you are looking for an alternative to lined steed pails, consider using Hedwin’s Payliner®.  It is a disposable high density polyethylene liner for use in steel pails both for in-plant and product shipment applications.  Meant to be disposed of after each use, the advantages of these liners include:

  • keeping pails in service (reducing down time for cleaning)
  • no need for pail cleaning chemicals
  • no need for costly interior pail coatings
  • reduce product loss due to contamination
  • cost effective – in terms of both employee hours spent cleaning and life of the pail
  • time saving (no cleaning of pails)

We would be happy to send a sample so that you can try one in your pails.  Just call us at 203-288-3851.



Lined Steel Pails

Perhaps you are looking for lined steel pails.  We stock a variety of lined steel pails in both open head and closed head (tight head) styles.  By clicking on the links to the articles below, you will find more in depth information about the linings, in addition to the type of closures of each closed head pail.  With open head pails, you will find the covers required to keep the UN rating valid.

Baked on Linings

Red Phenolic Lined Pails

Lined Steed Pails



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