Plastic Drums and Barrels for Sale


We stock plastic drums, or barrels, in 15 gallon, 30 gallon and 55 gallon sizes.  We stock both open head drums, where the cover comes completely off, and closed head, or tight head drums, where the cover is not removable and there are bungs, or plugs, in the drum.  These drums are all made from high density polyethylene and all, but the black, are food grade.  All the drums on this page have a UN rating.  The tight head drums are rated for liquids and the open head drums are rated for solids.  You can find more information on UN ratings in this article.  More information on some of these drums can be found in prior articles, and we have created links to make it easy to access those articles.




15 Gallon

A prior article on our SPP015CW00UC1 drum has more detailed information.

There is more information on our SPP15DDBK55 Deldrum in this article.

30 Gallon

You can find information on both our 30 gallon open head and our 30 gallon tight head drums in this article.

55 Gallon

This article contains more information (and more links) about our 55 gallon drums.












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