Plastic Packaging for Adhesives – Vapor Locks, Tubs, Pails and Buckets

Many adhesives package well in polyethylene and we stock a large variety of high density polyethylene containers that can be used for this purpose.  Several of our customers sell adhesive products and among the containers they use are the following:


If your adhesive is compatible with HDPE, perhaps we can help with your packaging requirements.  As always, we would be happy to send samples for compatibility testing with your product.

Need more than just plastic?  Consider our Phenolic Lined Steel Drum with PE Liner

Some products may not be suitable to be packaged only in plastic.  There may be an instance where your product is flammable and iron sensitive.  In that case, we stock a UN rated red phenolic lined 55 gallon steel drum with a polyethylene liner.

For more information on this drum, please click here.

Vapor Lock Containers – Lids Sold Separately

Made from HDPE – our Vapor Lock containers are:

  • Extremely rugged
  • Stackable

Click here to learn more

4 Oz Vapor Lock



9 Oz Vapor Lock

18 Oz (Pint) Vapor Lock


37 Oz (Quart) Vapor Lock

 135 Oz (Gallon) Vapor Lock

Plastic Tubs – Lids Sold Separately

We stock plastic tubs in sizes from 16 ounce to 10 lbs.  Please click on the link below to see pricing.

Click here to learn more

16 Ounce Tubs

32 Ounce Tubs

64 Ounce Tubs

86 Ounce Tubs

128 Ounce Tubs

10 LB. Tubs

Plastic Pails (Buckets) – Lids Sold Separately

We stock plastic pails or buckets in sizes from 1 gallon to 6.5 gallon.  Please click this link to view choices.




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