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Are you shopping for 5 gallon buckets or pails?  We have heavy duty 5 gallon plastic buckets in white, gray, black and natural.  Lids for these buckets are sold separately and there are two choices of lids, either solid or spouted.  We also stock 5 gallon twist & lock buckets and 5 gallon UN liquid buckets.  You can find our selection listed below, along with cover choices.  All of our buckets are UN rated.




 Tool to Remove Bucket Lids

5 Gallon Heavy Duty Plastic Buckets

Solid Covers

Spouted Covers

5 Gallon Twist & Lock Buckets

You can find more information on our twist & lock buckets in this article.

5 Gallon Buckets UN Rated for Liquids

This article will provide pictures and information on our UN liquid bucket.




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