Steel Drums for Storage and Shipping

Are you looking for a steel barrel in a 15 gallon, 30 gallon, or 55 gallon size?  Yankee Containers stocks steel drums, both open head (cover is removable) and tight head (cover is not removable).  Some are lined drums, and others are unlined.  Most of our steel drums have a specific UN rating which becomes important when shipping hazardous materials.  The drum shown in the picture on the right is our item #MSD5-23-01.  This is an unlined drum with no fittings in the cover.  The cover comes off and is held on with a bolt ring.  This particular steel drum has dual UN ratings of UN1A2/X422/S for solids and  UN1A2/Y1.5/100 for liquids.

For more information of this drum click below:

Steel Drum with Dual UN Ratings for Both Liquids and Solids

Please scroll down below to see all of the available steel drums.  In addition to these sizes, we offer a line of steel pails.

Steel- Drums and Pails










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