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We stock a large and varied assortment of steel containers, both drums and pails or buckets.  These drums are available in tight head and open head styles.  Some drums are lined and others are unlined.  Our metal pails are also available in several styles.  There are tight head pails with Rieke openings that require a Rieke spout.  More information on Rieke spouts can be found below.  There are tight head pails with bungs or plugs.  There are both lined and unlined pails.  Our open head metal buckets are sold without the lids.  Some pails are UN rated and some are not.  In the description of each pail you will find information about the correct lid you would need to use in order to keep the UN rating valid.  There are many items on this page so please use the quick links on the right to help you go directly to the pail or drum you require.


Closed Head – Unlined Tight Head Steel Pail with Screw Cap and Spout


Closed Head – Lined Tight Head Pails with Bungs (Plugs)

A word on baked on steel pail linings can be found here.

An article on steel pails with bungs can be found on this page.


Closed Head – Unlined Tight Head Pail with Bungs


Closed Head – Tight Head Pails – Lined Pails with Rieke Opening

More detailed information on Rieke spouts and pails with Rieke openings can be found on this page.

Additional information on our composite steel pail and our composite steel drum.


Closed Head – Tight Head Pail – Unlined with Rieke Opening


Rieke Flexspout


Rieke Flexspout Crimping Tool

You can find more detailed information on our Flexspout crimping tool in this article.



Open Head Pails – Unlined

Covers and Lever Locking Ring for Steel Pails

A word on covers can be found on this page.


Steel Drums – Lined

Steel Drums – Unlined

Please see this article for additional information on unlined drums.


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