Tight Head Steel Pails with Rust Inhibitor

Several of our tight head (closed head) steel pails are unlined.  Although unlined, they do have a rust inhibitor.  The purpose of a rust inhibitor is to prevent the pail from rusting prior to being filled.  Rust inhibitors are not intended to act as a lining.  We have 3 tight head steel pails, or small steel drums, that are unlined.  They are listed below and all are different.  Our JAC-10PH-KG-F4AJ has a screw cap and a spout.  Our CSCP2-03-01 has a Rieke opening and needs a Rieke spout (sold separately), and finally our CSCP2-05-01Niles has 2 plugs (one is a 2″ plug and one is a 3/4″ plug).

Steel Pail with Screw Cap and Spout

Steel Pail with 2″ and 3/4″ Plugs (Bungs)

Steel Pail with Rieke Opening

For more information on pails with Rieke openings, please click here.






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Author: Gail

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