Wide Mouth Canister Manufactured by Rez-Tech

Rez-Tech Corp. plastic jar division is located in Kent, Ohio.  They have more than 130 styles of plastic jar and container packaging.  They pride themselves on their commitment to teamwork, flexible distributed jar manufacturing and packaging capabilities.  Yankee Containers stocks a 168 ounce handled canister manufactured by Rez-Tech.  This canister is made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and has a wide 110 400 opening.  This container is meant for dry products.  PVC is durable and impact resistant and makes a nice display.  Our customer’s tell us they use this container for:

  • cereal
  • snacks
  • flour
  • road salt
  • de-icer
  • bird seed
  • dog food

This article containers information on using this jug for ice melt.


 168 Ounce Canister

110 400 Cap Choices




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Author: Gail

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