5 Gallon Steel Drums

Yankee Containers stocks several selections in 5 gallon steel drums.  Among the selections are:

  • screw cap steel drum with a spout
  • steel drums with rieke openings
  • steel drums with plugs
  • composite steel drum
  • straight sided steel drum

All of the 5 gallon steel drums on this page have a UN designation.  Some drums are lined, and some are unlined.  Details can be found in the description area of each drum.

5 Gallon Black Steel Drum with Screw Cap and Spout

5 Gallon Drums with Rieke Opening

Don’t know what a Rieke opening is?  You can find that information by reading this post.

You can find information on the clear phenolic lining in this pail by reading this article.

5 Gallon Composite Drum with Rieke Opening

One use for our composite drum is for water treatment chemicals.  Details can be found on this page.

Rieke Flexspout

Rieke Flexspout Crimper

Need more information on our flexspout crimper?  You can find details in this article.

5 Gallon Drums with Plugs (Bungs)

5 Gallon Straight Sided Steel Drum

Our straight sided steel drum has a clear phenolic lining.  This post contains more information on uses for drums with clear phenolic linings.













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