Black Plastic Drums and Barrels for Sale

We stock black plastic drums and barrels for sale in 5 gallon, 15 gallon and 55 gallon sizes.  The drums on this page all have a UN designation making them suitable for hazardous product.  They are all tight head drums and their UN ratings are for liquids.  These drums are not food grade and may not be used for food products.  They may, however, be used for non-hazardous products.  We stock two 5 gallon drums.  Our NAMPAC-B305314 drum comes with a 28mm vent cap.  It comes with a dust cap to keep the drum clean, however 70mm caps are sold separately and choices are listed directly below the drum.  Our 5 gallon black delex drum NAMPAC400850 comes with a 2″ buttress plug.  This drum is also available in blue and natural.  A link to all 3 drums is provided below.  Our 15 gallon black deldrum SPP15DDBK55 is constructed for maximum chemical resistance and has dual retractable handles.  Our 55 gallon electronics clean drum SPP055C600UD155B4 has two 2″ buttress plugs and will come clean and bagged.  Please note that compatibility of the product with the container is the responsibility of the shipper.  Please be sure you select the proper drum for your product.

5 Gallon Rectangular Black Tight Head – Caps Sold Separately

5 Gallon Black Delex – 2″ Buttress Plug Included

Our 5 gallon delex drums are available in black.  They are also available in blue or natural.  More information can be found here.

15 Gallon Black Deldrum – Two 2″ Buttress Plugs Included

Additional information on our 15 gallon deldrum may be found on this page.

55 Gallon Black Electronics Clean Drum – Two 2″ Buttress Plugs Included

More information on our electronics clean drum can be found in this article.



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