Combination Packaging

Taken from 49CFR 171.8 Definitions and Abbreviations,  the definition of combination packaging is as follows:  “combination packaging means a combination of packaging, for transport purposes, consisting of one or more inner packagings secured in a non-bulk outer packaging.  It does not include composite packaging”.  When asking for combination packaging most people are referring to packaging with a UN4G designation.  The 4=Box and the G=fiberboard.  This article includes several 4G packages, however, we have also included other combination packages that are not UN4G.  One is our 5 gallon steel pail with a polyethylene bottle inside and another is a 4.6 gallon ice melt or oil bottle, with no UN designation.  If the package has a UN designation it is clearly marked.  If you do not see the UN designation, the package is non-UN.

UN4G 1 Gallon Jug
UN4G 2.5 Gallon F Style Jug
UN4G 5 Gallon Bottle/Jug
5 Gallon Steel Pail with Polyethylene Bottle – UN1A2/X50/S
4.6 Gallon Non-UN Bottle

UN4G Combination Packaging

1 Gallon Jug in 4/Pack

Optional 38mm Spigot

5 Gallon Bottle/Jug

2.5 Gallon F Style Jug in 2/Pack

Our 2.5 gallon jugs have liquid measurement marks than can be seen in the pictures on this page.


5 Gallon Steel Pail/Drum – UN1A2/X50/S

Our 5 gallon steel pail with a poly bottle has a UN X rating.  More information is located on this page.

Non-UN Combination Packaging

You can find more details on our 35 lb. oil bottle by reading this article.



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