Food Grade 5 Gallon Bucket


Our most economical choice in 5 gallon size plastic pails is the white heavy duty pail featured in the picture on the right.  This sturdy food grade bucket is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees F.  The wall thickness is 90 mil and the pail has a UN rating of UN1H2/Y25/S.  This round bucket is our item # PCI40BWHHTSSL2 and is tapered for stacking. It comes with a sturdy wire bail with a plastic handle grip.

Twenty pails can fit in one box if shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground. If shipping via common carrier, ninety six buckets fit on one tray. Pricing is based on the quantity purchased. Covers for the pails are sold separately.  We offer a teartab cover with gasket or a spouted cover. This same food grade pail is available for a small increase in cost in both natural and grey in a 5 gallon size. The pail is also available in black, but that color pail is not food grade.

Suggestions for uses include, but are not limited to:

  •  food products
  •  dry products
  • liquid applications
  • industrial chemicals and detergents
  • oils (both edible and motor)
  • acids
  • paint
  • pharmaceutical products




Are you looking to purchase a plastic container for liquids?

Yankee Containers stocks pails. buckets, jugs, jerricans and more in a 5 gallon size which are suitable for holding liquids. Below are several examples of products available for usage with liquid applications.

5 Gallon Bucket for Shipping Liquids

5 Gallon Plastic Jug for Storage and Transportation of Non-Hazardous Liquids

Buying a Jerrican



































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