Jerry Can

The Merriam-Webster definition of jerry can or jerrican is as follows “a narrow flat-sided container for liquids usually holding about five United States gallons (about 19 liters)”.  In today’s vernacular, when our customer’s ask for a jerry can, they are referring to a 5 gallon rectangular plastic drum.  Our 5 gallon Delex is available in black, natural and blue.  The natural and blue drums are food grade or FDA approved.  The black drum is not food grade.  This UN rated container is blow molded with an integral handle.  It has one 2″ closure.  The closure is a buttress plug with a 3/4″ NPS reducer.  More information and pictures of our Delex containers can be found in this article.


5 Gallon Rectangular Jerry Can – Plugs Included

5 Gallon Round & Rectangular Drums – Closures Sold Separately

You can find more detailed information on our rectangular drum in this article.

This article has more information on our round blue drum.


Closure Choices











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