Steel Drums Manufactured by Mauser

Yankee Containers buys both steel and plastic drums from Mauser.  Mauser has locations worldwide with many locations in the United States.  Yankee Containers buys our steel drums from the Mauser plant located in Woodbridge New Jersey.  This is important primarily because with Mauser’s plant being in New Jersey and Yankee Containers warehouse located in Connecticut, the close proximity means there is no long shipping delay.  Once our drums are ready we can have them shipped or even pick them up ourselves if needed for a critical order.

You can find our selection of steel drums manufactured by Mauser below.  This selection includes the following:

55 Gallon Black Composite Poly-Lined Steel Drum

Need more detailed information?  You can find it here.

55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drum with Red Phenolic Lining and .8MIL PE Insert

Information specific to this drum and more pictures can be found in this article.

55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drum (Barrel) with Dual UN Rating

Our 55 gallon drum has a dual UN rating for both solids and liquids.  You can find additional information here.

55 Gallon Tight Head Unlined Steel Drum with 2″ and 3/4″ Fittings

If you require more information, please click here.

55 Gallon Tight Head Buff Epoxy Lined Steel Drum

This article will give you more information and pictures on our Mauser buff epoxy lined drum.

55 Gallon Olive Drab Phenolic Lined Tight Head Steel Drum





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