Containers with 110mm Openings

These containers have a wide mouth, approximately 4.33 inches.  They are a good choice when ease of filling and emptying are important.The material choices are glass, PVC or high density polyethylene.  The style choices include:

  • Gallon glass jars
  • Gallon plastic jars in 4 pack or 48 pack
  • 168 ounce PVC handled canister
  • 3 Pint white HDPE jar (shown with metal cap in picture above)

By clicking on the links below, you will find more specific information on each jar or canister.


Gallon Glass Jar

For more information on our gallon glass jar, please click here.

168 Ounce Handled PVC Canister

For more information on this canister, please click here.

Gallon Plastic HDPE Jar in 4/Pack and Bulk Pack of 48

For more information on our gallon plastic jar, please click here.

3 Pint WhitePlastic Jar

For more information on this jar, please click here.

110mm Cap  Choices

Our 110mm cap choices include:

  • metal plastisol lined
  • plastic unlined
  • plastic foam lined






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